Bakio – Portugalete – Getxo – Bilbao

Good morning Bakio!

The alarm sounded at 7 am, too early for being on holidays… but we had a goal, go surfing with Javi in Bakio!

The waves were great, big enough to challenge ourselves but small enough to not feel like if it would be the end of the world.

After this refreshing wake up, we drove to Azkorri. Our intention was to be there for a couple of days, visit some friends from the university and go to Bilbao. We moved from the parking by bike and public transport. There is a very nice path that connects this beach with Algorta (be aware, at night there is no lightening along this pad!).

Ones we found the spot and we got ready we bike towards Portugalete, it was San Nicolas. This day all the cuadrillas meet in the boulevard to eat together and celebrate the local party. It was nice to see such a nice tradition.

We crossed the river again. We took the Puente colgante, a funny bridge with a quite uncommon way to transport passengers and vehicles from one side to the other.

From Las Arenas we went biking to Bilbao. I was hoping to find the famous bike pad that supposed to connect Bilbao with Getxo, however this doesn’t exist yet…

What we did in Bilbao?

⁃ walk around the Guggenheim area

⁃ visit Indautxu area and eat some pintxos

⁃ Bike alongside the river Nervion

⁃ Go to the old part of the city and eat more pintxos

⁃ Visit the Mercado de la Ribera

⁃ Visit Bilbi and have a wine in front of the river in the bar Marzana

⁃ End up the tour with a concert of Bigott in the Antzoki

To go back from Bilbao to Azkorri we took the metro. Here the public transport is quite good, in the weekends it runs all night. The way back by bike from the metro station Bidezabal to Azkorri was an adventure!

// By the way, a friend told us that the parking were we were used to be called “Parking de los tripis”. Why? We didn’t see anything strange… //