Ongi Etorri – Hondarribi

We left Capbreton raining. We were not in a hurry, so we spend some time cleaning and tiding up he van.

  • Before leaving France, we had 2 duties:
    • Change the gas bottle (so far we haven’t found in Spain a place to buy this kind of bottle).
    • Have our last breakfast in France with a proper croissant and a quiche.

    We managed to do both things before leaving the town.

    We drove south. Our trip was continuing to the Basque Country.

    We though about buying bikes for already some time, and finally yesterday we got them.

    We arrived to Hondarribi and we found the perfect parking spot for us. Close to the beach and with a warm shower close by!

    It was really great to have a proper shower after all these days. When it is raining outside it is not so nice to use the portable shower…

    Ones we got ready we cycled to the center. What a beautiful town!

    The old part of Hondarribi is like going back in time. You can see a lot of maintenance done in all the facades. They look like new but with an old architecture style very common in this area.

    Walk around and stop every now and then for a pintxo is a must. Food here is really nice and the prices are reasonable.

    We were lucky, even if it was raining every now and then, there was a lot of movement in town.

    On September 8th, the Virgin of Guadalupe Day, the traditional “Alarde” is held in the coastal town of Hondarribia. The alarde is a military procession that is held every year to celebrate the vows made to the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1639 in gratitude for breaking the siege imposed on the town by French troops.

    Each group consisting of lots of men, and one woman, from all different ages walk together through the town playing music.

    We had a lovely evening filled with great pintxos and fantastic sidre and wine.