Hi Bordeaux

We arrived yesterday to Bordeaux. Such an incredible city! I was here 7 years ago. It has grown so much! If by any chance you arrive to the city of wine, check out the area around the marina. We didn’t know, but apparently it is possible to visit the submarine base.

It was Sunday, many places were close, however we didn’t have time to get bored.

We arrived just on time to try some oysters with wine. The Sunday market in the ‘Quai des Chartrons’ was still open. If you pass by, make sure you do it before 1500!

In the afternoon we went for a free tour around the old city. Did you know that Bordeaux has a eco-focused music, art and culture festival called climax? A shame that we will be not here… I am sure it can be interesting…

About climax

For dinner we decided to do a pic nic, this time close to the Garona. There is a green area that (at least in summer) is full of people enjoying the evening.

Before going back to the van we passed by the water mirror, apparently the second biggest water mirror in the world.

Bordeaux water mirror

A place to check out next time?

⁃ Restaurant Frida. It has a nice terrace in the back.

⁃ La Guinguette Chez Alqir: we were busy with the tour, but apparently it has an open area we’re there organizar concerts.

– Utopia: an original cinema with alternative cinema and a nice terrace.

Oh! I almost forgot! We found super nice ice creams (with biodegradable cups in ‘La Fabrique Givree