Bonjour Paris!

We arrived to Paris in the afternoon. It took us a while to find the spot we were looking for. We were a bit far from the center, and wanted to rent bikes to go around, however the vélib app didn’t work. In the end we decided to take the metro. In 30 minutes we were in the center.

Our first stop was ‘La Republique’. From there we walked to ‘Canal Saint-Martin’, a very pretty place to find some green and blue in the middle of the concrete jungle. The inconvenience? The canal was full of garbage floating and the cars are passing in both sides of the canal continuously.

We were getting hungry. We changed course and we walked south towards Le Marais, a beautiful area in the center with small buildings and a pedestrian street.

We walked around until we found ‘le Marche’, a cosy restaurant just in the ‘place Sainte-Catherine’. Nice food and acceptable price (something quite relevant being in Paris, the city of love and expensive menus…).

After having a nice dinner, we walked down to the Sena river. It was Friday night, and the boulevard along the river was full of people. We decided to do what the rest of the people were doing, enjoy our evening in Paris!

Cities at night can become beautiful. And Paris wasn’t the exemption. On our way back to the van we passed the Notre Dame cathedral, the museum Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

The day was simply great, but something happened during the night…. Around 5 or 6 in the morning a man started knocking in the van… in the end nothing happened.

We think that he was checking if there was someone inside. As soon that he saw us he left. He was wearing gloves…